Lab Members

Meng Chen, Ph.D., Principal Investigator
B.S./M.S. Biochemistry, Iowa State University
Ph.D., Plant Physiology, Iowa State University
Postdoctoral Fellow, The Salk Institute

Department of Botany & Plant Sciences
Member of the CMDB, GGB, and BMB graduate programs
Instructor: Biology 107A – Molecular Biology
Office: Boyce Hall, Room 4406; Phone: (951) 827-5635

Joined in November 2007. CV; Google Scholar; linkedin; ResearchGate; Publons

Chunmiao (Mia) Feng, Ph.D.

Postdoctoral Research Associate
B.S. FuDan University (China), Ph.D. North Carolina State University

Research Projects:
Nuclear organization and light signaling

Joined in June 2011. Curriculum Vitae

P. Andrew Nevarez

Ph.D. Student (UPGG at Duke)
B.S. Harvey Mudd College

Research Projects:
HEMERA subcellular localization

Joined in July 2011. Curriculum Vitae

Yongjian Qiu, Ph.D.

Project Scientist
B.S. University of Science and Technology of China, Ph.D. Washington State University

Research Projects:
(1) HEMERA-mediated light signaling mechanisms; (2) Functional characterization of photobodies.

Joined in October 2011. Curriculum Vitae

Emily Jie-Ning Yang

Ph.D. Student
B.S. National Taiwan University

Research Projects:
Functional characterization of photobodies.

Joined in June 2012. Curriculum Vitae

Chan Yul Yoo, Ph.D.

Project Scientist
B.S. Yonsei University (S. Korea); Ph.D. Purdue University

Research Projects:
Light signaling and the control of chloroplast biogenesis

Joined in April 2013. CV; Google Scholar

Keunhwa Kim, Ph.D.

B.S./Ph.D. Korea Advanced Institute of Science and Technology

Research Projects:

Joined in August 2016.

Chris Cheng

Undergraduate Research Assistant
Biochemistry, UCR Class 2019

Joined in February 2017.